Serhiy Hamaliy noted that the number of RSA employees is not a decision of the Khmelnytsky Regional State Administration, but of the Cabinet of Ministers

The head of the Khmelnytsky Regional State Administration is asked to "redistribute" officials between the new district administrations | News of Khmelnytsky "There is"

Із відповідним проханням до голови облдержадміністрації звернувся голова Хмельницької районної ради. Голова Хмельницької районної ради Олександр Чорнієвич звернуся до депутатів обласної ради та керівництва області і зазначив, що з 1 лютого усі стикнуться із проблемою, що не буде кому забезпечити соціальний захист жителів Хмельницького району і можливо, навіть нарахувати субсидії. Він зазначив, що наприкінці грудня […]

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The fire reached an area of ​​45 square meters

In the Novoushichchyna a residential house was on fire News of Khmelnytsky "There is"

Firefighters drove almost three dozen kilometers before the fire. Last night, January 15, a fire broke out in the village of Pylypy-Khrebtiivskyi in the Novoushychchyna region. According to the regional department of the State Emergency Service, a report of a fire in a residential building was received at about 19 p.m. "On call, another rescue squad from Nova Ushytsia was sent. At the time of their arrival, the square was on fire [[]

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Alexander Szymanski was the chief choreographer of the Khmelnytsky Regional Music and Drama Theater named after Mykhailo Starytsky

Honored Artist of Ukraine Oleksandr Szymanski said goodbye in Khmelnytsky News of Khmelnytsky "There is"

Relatives of the famous choreographer shared memories of him. Yesterday, January 15, in Khmelnytsky they said goodbye to the chief choreographer of the Mykhailo Starytsky Regional Music and Drama Theater, Honored Artist of Ukraine Oleksandr Szymansky. According to Public Podillya, relatives, friends, colleagues and students of the choreographer came to the house of mourning rites of the Khmelnytsky City Funeral Service to say goodbye to Oleksandr Szymanski. We will remind, the inhabitant of Khmelnytsky died on January 12 [[]

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It will snow periodically

Weather forecast for January 17: frosts will intensify News of Khmelnytsky "There is"

In some places, the air temperature is forecast to drop to 22 degrees below zero. Frosts continue to intensify in Khmelnytsky region. According to weather forecasters, on Sunday the air temperature will drop even more, there will be snow in some places. According to Gismeteo, it will be the coldest in the north of the region next night. In particular, -18 ..- 22 is expected in Shepetivka, during the day the air temperature will fluctuate at -9 ..- 13. In addition, throughout the day [[]

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New rules of school nutrition

Meals in schools: what has been banned and what will be fed News of Khmelnytsky "There is"

Once a week there should be fish, and children with allergies - a separate diet. New sanitary regulations for secondary schools have been in force in Ukraine since January. The document contains many rules for the arrangement of schools and premises, maintenance of swimming pools, lighting, sound and temperature. According to the press service of the Khmelnytsky Regional State Administration, the new regulations also changed the requirements for school […]

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Since the beginning of the year, violators have caused almost 2 hryvnias in damage

Khmelnytsky inspectors caught another fish violators News of Khmelnytsky "There is"

Detainees must pay a fine. In the first two weeks of 2021, state inspectors of the Khmelnytsky Fish Protection Patrol recorded 30 violations of legislation in the field of protection of aquatic bioresources. According to the press service of the fishermen, three of the recorded violations were gross. "Fines in the amount of 935 hryvnias were imposed, losses in the amount of 1853 hryvnias were recorded, 19 prohibited fishing gears were confiscated and 9 acts were issued […]

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The sanctions of all three articles include long-term imprisonment

Officials of the Pension Fund of Khmelnytsky Region Suspected of Creating a Criminal Organization News of Khmelnytsky "There is"

The organized group appropriated the money of subordinates. Militiamen of Khmelnytsky region announced suspicion of members of the criminal organization which appropriated money of employees of regional management of the Pension fund and its territorial divisions, provided for payment. "During the pre-trial investigation, police officers found that the head of the Main Department of the Pension Fund had developed a plan to systematically obtain illegal benefits from subordinate employees. The scheme of criminal enrichment was […]

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Deputies ask to return adaptive quarantine and to allow to make decisions on restrictions to local commissions of TEB and the state of emergency

Regional deputies ask to cancel the lockdown and transfer the right to make decisions on restrictions on places Khmelnytsky News “There is”

The corresponding appeal was supported by deputies of the Khmelnytsky regional council today, on January 15. The appeal of the deputies of the Khmelnytsky Regional Council to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the President of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine regarding the settlement of the issue of easing the quarantine was supported by 34 elected officials. In their appeal, the deputies noted that the introduced strict quarantine is not appropriate, as the introduction of unjustified quarantine barriers and restrictions will lead to the fact that […]

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In Khmelnytsky, the introduction of lockdown first affected the local commodity market

Opposition to new tariffs and January lockdown - results of the week | Khmelnytsky News “There is”

About the main events that took place during the information week. This information week in the Khmelnytsky region and in Ukraine in general became the first week of the January lockdown. After the holidays, the tightening of restrictions caused outrage among the population. For example, deputies of the Khmelnytsky city and regional councils called on the central government to lift the ban. However, the most important topic of the week can be called tariffs [[]

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The main task of deputies at the extraordinary session of the regional council will be to consider the appeal to increase tariffs

Session of the Khmelnytsky regional council: the address concerning increase of tariffs (Recording of air) Khmelnytsky News “There is”

Today, January 15, an extraordinary session of the Khmelnytsky regional council will take place. According to the agenda, only one issue will be proposed for consideration of deputies, for which an extraordinary session is convened. Regional elected officials will vote to appeal to the President, the Cabinet of Ministers and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to increase electricity and natural gas tariffs. The draft of such an appeal requires the abolition of tariff increases […]

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