Top manager's day and almond cookies: what a holiday today

The world celebrates various holidays on April 9. Read exactly what they celebrate in the information of the ACC News Agency.

On this day, the world celebrates the International Day of Top Manager, Finnish Language Day. The United States celebrates Chinese Almond Cookie Day on April 9. 

Believers on this day honor the memory of St. Matron, writes IA ASS with reference to UNIAN. Saint Matron is considered the patron saint of virtuous and diligent housewives. In order for everything to be good in the house and for the work to be in full swing, the women always went to the temple and lit a candle for the saint.  

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Signs for April 9

There have long been weather signs for this day:

- hoarfrost and fog in the morning - the year will be productive;

- birds chirp loudly - the next day will be clear.

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