Year of reform: which medical institutions in Bukovina received the most funding

From April 1, 2020, the second level institutions entered the medical reform and began to receive funding from the National Health Service of Ukraine.

The total amount of funding for medical institutions of Chernivtsi region in 2020 increased by 1 billion 626 million 85 thousand UAH., Which in percentage terms is an increase of 140%. IA writes about it ASS with reference to the Chernivtsi Regional State Administration.

Financing of medical institutions

The amount of financing of regional institutions from the National Health Insurance Fund at the expense of the state budget in 2020 amounted to UAH 2 billion 564 million.

"In addition, health care institutions in the region received targeted subventions in the amount of 133 million 23 thousand UAH. These subventions were aimed at supporting institutions, additional staff (since the first three months of 2020 there was no funding from the NSSU), - said during the briefing Natalia Gusak, Deputy Head of the Chernivtsi Regional State Administration. - Separately, additional subventions were received for oxygen supply, laboratories and equipment of reception departments. "

TOP-5 regional institutions in which funding has increased:

  1. Chernivtsi Regional Center for Emergency and Disaster Medicine - an increase of 285%.
  2. Chernivtsi Regional Clinical Hospital - an increase of 277%.
  3. Regional Children's Clinical Hospital - an increase of 258%.
  4. Chernivtsi Regional Clinical Oncology Center - an increase of 261%.
  5. Regional ambulance hospital - an increase of 154%.

TOP-5 district and city institutions in which funding has increased:

  1. Chernivtsi City Hospital №1 - an increase of 432%.
  2. City Clinical Hospital №3, Chernivtsi - an increase of 319%.
  3. Sokyryany Hospital of Sokyryany City Council - an increase of 237%.
  4. Kitsman Multidisciplinary Intensive Care Hospital - an increase of 215%.
  5. Storozhynets Central District Hospital - an increase of 184%.

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In which institutions has funding decreased

Natalia Gusak notes that no district hospital has reduced, but only increased funding. In general, the funding of all district hospitals in 2020 increased by 313 million 410 thousand UAH, which is an increase of 187%.

“Only in 7 institutions out of 40 there was a decrease in funding from packages from the National Health Insurance Fund from 3% to 40% compared to 2019. A separate item is the regional medical and sports dispensary, which did not receive funding from the National Health Insurance Fund and is currently at the stage of concluding contracts for service packages., - the official adds. - A regional funding program was adopted to support these institutions. Thanks to this program, we will do everything to ensure that these institutions exist and provide quality medical care to Bukovynians. "

Salary of physicians

In 2020, the salary fund increased by 43%. According to the results of the year, Chernivtsi region took the first place in Ukraine in terms of the average monthly salary per 1 person, which is 10,8 thousand UAH. per month (for comparison: in Kyiv this figure is 9,8 thousand UAH per month, and the lowest - in the Chernihiv region - 8,4 thousand UAH).

"I want to note that the decision to set the amount of salaries, according to the reform, is taken by the management of institutions and reflects this in their financial plans, which are approved by the founder - the relevant local governments." - says Natalia Gusak.

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