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In Ukraine, there is a practice of registering ownership of the results of intellectual labor. And although copyright protection is not as widespread in our country as in the West, it is still necessary to fight plagiarism.

About this in open interview told the Dnieper lawyer Marina Herman.

The procedure for registering copyright in Ukraine is quite simple. To do this, you must submit an application to the State Department of Intellectual Property, a package of documents and media with a song, video, computer game. The application is usually considered for about a month, after which the author receives a certificate.

It is worth noting that the registration of copyright is a right, not a duty of a citizen. It is common practice to register intellectual property that is of public interest. At the same time, the author himself assesses the degree of such significance.

By registering content, you can earn income. This primarily applies to cases where other individuals or legal entities use it.

In case of copyright infringement, it is necessary to go to court and legally demand compensation for the damage.

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