In the Dnieper the picture with flying cats was sold for 8000 hryvnias - Open

Cat-superhero, cat-helicopter, cat-fighter. Dnieper artist Taras Belous sold a painting with flying fluff.

Reported it Open.

The man wrote it after a four-legged animal fell on his car from the sixth floor and smashed the windshield. The artist put the work up for auction on a social network. During the week, 22 applicants competed for a picture with a story.

The winner of the auction - IT specialist Mikhail, came for the canvas from Kiev, although he comes from the Dnieper. He says that the pilot cat is very similar to his pet, whose name is Universe (from the word universe).

“I like the picture even more than I expected. I love cats, but the story surprised me even more, because the canvas with the story is much more interesting. I really liked that the artist did not demand anything from the cat's mistress, but on the contrary took care of the animal and decided to get out of the situation so unusually. ", - says Mikhail.

The painting was painted by the Dnieper artist Taras Belous. It is called "Dnieper catfall". There are six flying cats on it. Sphinx cat, pilot cat, fighter cat, helicopter cat. In the center of the canvas is a super cat with a hammer in its paw.

"I drew a super-cat in such an outfit and with a hammer because everyone I told about the windshield, which was broken by the tail, did not believe and said that he was hit with a hammer", - says Taras Belous.

As a result of the fall, the cat broke its paw. Taras learned from passers-by that the glass had been broken by an animal that had fallen from a height. He applied to his mistress for compensation, but was refused.

"She told me it wasn't her fault, I parked the car in the wrong place.", - Taras comments.

Lawyers say that all responsibilities for pets are borne by their owners. But to bring them to justice in such cases is very difficult.

"If the defendant denies that the animal belongs to him, he does not have a passport, it will be difficult to prove it", - the lawyer Andrey Verba explained.

Taras refused to write a statement to the cat's mistress. Moreover, he wanted to give part of the money from the sale of the painting for the treatment of a cat. But the owner stopped communicating and refused to communicate. All that is known is that now the flying cat is already at home and has even started walking, albeit on three legs.

For the picture the guy received more than 8000 hryvnias. Part of it will be spent on car repairs, the rest has already been transferred to shelters caring for stray animals. One of them is the shelter of Elena Yargorodskaya. The woman has been rescuing four-legged animals for a long time and has even set up a shelter in her apartment. During 6 years of volunteering, she placed several hundred pets in new families. Now under her care 7 cats and more than two dozen dogs. She feeds and treats them at her own expense. The woman says that the money received from Taras will be spent on a new aviary for dogs.

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