The director of the Kharkov depot bought the apartment for one million hryvnias

During the year, the director of the trolleybus depot earned 425 thousand hryvnias, and with his wife he saved up almost nine million hryvnias in different currencies.

In September 2020, the director of the utility company "Trolleybus Depot №2" Dmitry Lipovoy bought an apartment in Kharkov with an area of ​​63,8 square meters for 930 hryvnia. This became known from a revised declaration, which Lipova published on the website of the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption.

Lipova filed her annual declaration at the end of March 2021, but filed a revised one in April. As it turned out, the declarations differ in monetary assets. In the first Lipova, he indicated $ 43 in cash, and in the corrected one, $ 000. In the previous also declared 20 000 hryvnias in cash, in the corrected declaration this sum isn't present. Also in the corrected version there were 200 hryvnias, which belong to his wife (the money is kept in a bank account).

According to the declaration, Lipovoi's annual salary was 425 hryvnias. Another 289 hryvnias were social payments at the trolleybus depot, 12 hryvnias were social material assistance at the trolleybus depot, and 449 and 4723 hryvnias were scholarships at the Kharkiv National Technical University of Agriculture. Lipovoy's wife received 14 hryvnias from business.

Lipovoi declared $ 20 (that's 000 hryvnias), 557 euros (that's 846 hryvnias) and 49 hryvnias in cash, 000 hryvnias, 1 euros (or 623 hryvnias), 801 hryvnias, 116 hryvnias and 000 hryvnias - in bank accounts. And also savings of the spouse: 36 627 hryvnias, 1021 hryvnias, 33 hryvnias, 834 hryvnias, 23 25 hryvnias, 143 hryvnias and 13 671 hryvnias on bank accounts and 14 285 dollars (or 109 1695 175 hryvnias) in cash. That is the total amount of savings makes 16 million hryvnias.

In addition to the new apartment, the director of the trolleybus depot declared his wife's apartment, which is also located in Kharkov. Its area is 67 square meters, purchased in 2000. The report also indicates joint real estate - an apartment in Lozova and non-residential premises in Kharkov. Cars are not included in the declaration.

As KHARKIV Today wrote, the director of the Kharkov narcological hospital presented 350 thousand hryvnias for the apartment.

The director of the Kharkiv regional clinical narcological hospital Victor Slyusar received in 2020 as a gift 350 thousand hryvnias from the relative Ekaterina Slyusar. In October 2020, he bought an apartment in Kharkov with an area of ​​30,9 square meters for 370 hryvnia.


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