The chief sanitary doctor of the region told when the incidence of COVID-19 in the Kharkiv region will reach a peak and begin to decline

A gradual decrease in the number of coronavirus patients in the Kharkiv region is expected in late April. The chief sanitary doctor of Kharkiv Lyubov Makhota told about it on air, - сообщает "Public".

According to her, the region has not yet reached the peak incidence.

"We have not reached the peak yet, but we have positive moments. The intensity of the epidemiological process is increasing, but we have a slowdown in the growth of morbidity. If last week we had a 31% increase in the incidence, then for the same period last month we had 36%. Slowly it slows down. And, in our opinion, a few more weeks are needed to reach the peak and after that, we hope, for a slow decrease in the incidence, "said Makhota.

According to Mahot, the number of tests for coronavirus has increased.

"At the end of October, we did 19,5 thousand tests by PCR, and now we have 20 and 23,5 thousand tests per week. There were 25,5 tests this week, "said Lyubov Makhota.

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