Liberation of HOG: how seven years ago separatists tried to seize power in Kharkov

On April 2014, XNUMX, there was a second attempt to seize power in Kharkiv. The separatists, with the help of Russian militants, tried to carry out their plan in early March, but then failed to change the situation.

For a whole month, Kharkiv was shaken by Antimaidan rallies and visits by touring artists from Belgorod. In early April, they reunited and made a desperate attempt to seize power.

One group stormed ATN, which had been patriotic from the start. After breaking down the doors to the editorial office, they broke in, demanding a live broadcast to announce the creation of the People's Republic of China. Young people in balaclavas threatened employees with violence, and when they realized that their attempts to go on the air would not work, they smashed the studio.

Not indifferent Kharkiv residents were able to restore it after the attack. None of the young men were detained that evening, and only one of them was later punished - the one who was identified by journalists.

Anatoly Dmitriev, head of the GUMVD in the Kharkiv region

About 40 people came to the ATN, people, despite what was happening here, were sent there, and despite the fact that the equipment was broken there, people left the building.

Marina Nikolaeva, ATN editor

Now I understand that the demands to announce the creation of the "People's Republic of China", which we did not allow, and the display of Russian flags - was a "brick" for some great tragedy that they wanted to do in Kharkov to make Kharkov the same quasi-republic as and Donetsk. Thank God that didn't happen, and we stood here, and the city stood, and the security forces worked. And I very much hope that this story will never happen again.

Meanwhile, Kharkiv separatists, with the massive support of Russian militants and touring artists from other Ukrainian cities, set fire to the regional state administration. Several hours earlier, they had rallied in the square, trying to create a picture of a public protest in front of the Russian media. When the fire pushed the defenders of HOGA, they began to go to the building, destroying everything around.

Igor Baluta, Chairman of HOGA, April 08.04.2014, XNUMX

The building was set on fire, you can see how much damage was done, the damage was also done by those people who were in the building for six and a half hours.

Igor Baluta, Chairman of HOGA, April 08.04.2014, XNUMX

When the fire started, the first surprise was that the hydrants did not work, although at 16.00 we checked - the pressure was. There were not enough fire extinguishers - to localize the fire, the valves began to clog, the control zone moved from the north tower. And attempts to penetrate began at 21 p.m.

However, both in Kharkov and in Kiev knew about the intention of the aggressors and did not allow the Donetsk scenario.

Fighters of the Vinnytsia Jaguar were raised on alert and transferred to the first capital.

However, at dawn on April 8, 200 fighters began storming the YEAH. In 17 minutes, the building was liberated without a single shot, and about 70 pro-Russian militants were arrested. They were then given various terms of imprisonment.

Igor Baluta, Chairman of HOGA, April 08.04.2014, XNUMX

As the head of the administration, on the 7th I did not have the feeling that we would not contain the situation. I thought we could handle it, honestly. There were cadets here, and I am grateful to each of the young people who, despite the critical situation, were here at the risk of their lives and defended Ukrainian statehood.

Vladimir Chistilin, organizer of the Kharkiv Euromaidan

Obviously, there was a script written in the Kremlin. And an hour before the storming of the Regional State Administration, Zhirinovsky personally called Baluta and told him not to do anything bad to Russian citizens. That is, the scenario was written in Luhansk, Donetsk, and Kharkiv: people were brought in, crazy money was paid and assaults were prepared.

Vladimir Chistilin notes that the April events of seven years ago quite frightened the townspeople. Russian flags, which fluttered in the main square of Kharkov, caused even greater awareness of the pro-Ukrainian position of the citizens. After all, people realized that they were one step away from the war.

And although in eastern Ukraine the warriors still stand on defensive positions and resist Russian aggression, and Kharkiv then made it clear that the "people's republic" here can not be created by any provocations - the war will not spread to the territory of Slobozhanshchina.


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