Kharkov is going to tighten quarantine again: how restrictions will affect the lives of the city and its people

Acting Mayor Igor Terekhov announced the strengthening of quarantine restrictions in his Telegram channel. There is no talk of a hard lockdown and the "red" zone yet, but certain restrictions will apply from Saturday.

Thus, all restaurants, bars and cafes, non-food stores, beauty salons, sports facilities and cultural institutions of the city, including cinemas, will be open until eight o'clock in the evening.

In the food and non-food markets and in transport, they promise to strengthen control over the observance of the mask regime and social distance.

Kindergartens and primary schools will continue to operate as usual. Just like the subway and land public transport.

The new restrictions will have the biggest impact on cinemas, which will have to revise their work schedules for the sixth time during the pandemic. It is said that they do not live all this time, but survive, some employees have resigned, and now, most likely, the most profitable sessions will have to be canceled.

Natalia Belyaeva, director of the cinema "Planet of Cinema"

We are surviving now, we are living today, tomorrow we do not know whether we will work or we will not work, we are constantly monitoring the news, we are constantly monitoring the situation, it is, of course, very difficult, it is very tiring, because the cinema can not stand idle close the key, this is a technical system, it needs to be started, it needs to be updated, that is, the staff still needs to go out and keep everything in working order

Sports halls will also suffer from the new work schedule. After all, many citizens are accustomed to doing it after work. Now they are warned about the need to change the time of classes.

Yes, we warn, in principle…

But beauty salons, which, along with cinemas and gyms were closed during the previous two lockdowns, are more or less adapted to the new schedules. It is said that most customers serve until eight in the evening, but this does not mean that business during quarantine is easy.

Oksana, hairdresser

After eight customers are few, but in any case, of course, will hit, because there are few people. Hairdressing is not the first necessity.

Sellers of small non-food stores also say that time constraints will have little effect on their work. But we are sure that small shops are not something to start the fight against "kovid".

Alla, a non-food store seller

Basically now everything is up to seven, maybe when it's warm, it will be up to eight, but for now - so.

Larissa, a non-food store seller

It is necessary to strengthen in big supermarkets, instead of this small business which is pressed. We are closed, and what is happening in supermarkets big of these! They need to be closed in the first place, here we, on the contrary, help, absorb, we have one person come.

Buyers agree with this. They say that now we are not talking about such restrictions that will greatly interfere, but the question is different - in their effectiveness.

Marina, a visitor to the hypermarket

Well, I can somehow get something up to eight, but I think vaccination would help us more.

Sergei, a visitor to the hypermarket

By eight in the evening, I think it's perfectly normal, there should be no problems. Although many young people now lead evening and night lifestyles, they may be uncomfortable.

Anatoly, the driver

If I work on the bus, I get home at 12, so what - don't buy anything ?!

Most citizens agree to increase quarantine. It is said that it is especially necessary to control the use of masks in transport. Although there are those who still do not believe in "kovid".

Alla Alekseevna, pensioner

On the contrary - it is not necessary, because no one around me was sick.

Lyudmila Grigorievna, pensioner

For now, it is enough to see how the disease will progress.

Oksana, the baby's mother

This is nothing at all. People get sick and get sick a lot, our grandmother was sick. In transport it is necessary to control - in trams very seldom go in masks.

Meanwhile, in the last day of COVID-19 in Kharkov, 1427 people became ill with coronavirus, 22 patients died.


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