Total savings. Communities of the region are preparing for life in a limited budget

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Communities of the region are preparing for life in terms of maximum savings. Due to quarantine, local budgets will receive less money than planned. For example, from the payment of a single tax in connection with a decrease in business activity. In such circumstances, protected expenditure items will be financed in the first place.

Last year, almost 13 communities in Khmelnytsky failed to meet the revenue side of their budgets. Therefore, in most communities it is not necessary to talk about the financial reserve.

Due to the canteen, local governments may lose significant revenues. The land tax is one of the main budgets in the Staroushytsia community. However, parliament passed a law repealing the tax in March.

Less funds are expected from the payment of the single tax. At the same time, additional costs have already been imposed on local communities. They provide medical services to the population, including to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Therefore, in the current circumstances, communities will refine their budgets and reduce expenditures. Protected articles will be funded in the first place. Construction and reconstruction are likely to be postponed.

Communities expect financial assistance from the state. It is possible after making changes to the budget. They were reprinted for the first reading.

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