Khmelnytsky theaters will develop children's and youth theater in Ukraine Khmelnytsky News “There is”

Together with colleagues from other cities, they created a national theater center for young spectators.

Khmelnytsky Theater named after Mykhailo Starytsky became one of the four founders of the national center, which will develop the theater for young spectators in Ukraine. Together with colleagues from Odessa, Lviv, Kyiv and with the help of foreign specialists, they will produce a Ukrainian theater for children and youth.

"There is a world organization" Asitezh ", which is engaged in the development of theater for children and youth. Their branches, the so-called national centers, are located in more than 70 countries. Recently, such a center was also established in Ukraine. Its founders were the First Theater (Lviv), the Odessa Theater for Young Spectators, the Kyiv public organization "Creative House" and the Khmelnytsky Theater of Starytsky, - told the site "Є»Director of the Staritsky Theater Dmitry Gusakov. - We applied and recently they accepted it. Now we will work together to promote and promote theater for children and youth in our country. We plan to work out a number of events that will take place in Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa and Khmelnytsky. "

Also, in cooperation with the world organization, after the lifting of quarantine restrictions, Khmelnytsky theatergoers expect to exchange experiences with foreign colleagues. They plan to work with foreign specialists on drama, writing plays for children and youth.

"Last autumn we had a theater laboratory for young Ukrainian directors" Strum ". We selected four young Ukrainian directors who came and staged their excerpts. One of them, who became the winner, had to stage a play. This fall we also plan to make a laboratory, but this time we will choose drama for teenagers. Accordingly, we will cooperate with the national and, possibly, with the world center. Now there is a problem - there are no plays and performances, in particular in our theater, which would raise issues of interest to adolescents, "- adds the director.

The specifics of future events are currently being developed by theatergoers. They plan to develop and start implementing them in about six months.

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