Indifferent entrepreneurs together with volunteers started sewing protective suits for medical workers

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Funny, colorful and extremely necessary. In the city, the first enterprise started sewing protective suits for doctors.

They are colorful, funny, but can save a doctor's life. In Khmelnytsky, the first company began sewing protective suits for health workers. Such clothes are now extremely difficult to find on the market. And doctors are at risk every day due to close contact with patients with code -19.

Suits with ornaments, because white fabric on the market just can not be found. Their cost is 480 hryvnias. These funds are sent to the account of the public organization "Svitanok" by citizens. More than 5 hryvnias have already been raised. Activists also buy respirators, rubber shoes and goggles. The first purchased items are now given to doctors of the Khmelnytsky city perinatal center.

And immediately for fitting. The doctor of the family planning center shares his first impressions.

Protective suits - reusable. They can be disinfected at high temperatures. This does not lose the color and quality of the fabric. Only in this outfit can a doctor protect himself from the insidious virus.

The city prenatal center has more than 80 protective suits.

Therefore, philanthropists appeal to all citizens to help provide doctors with adequate protection.

To do this, you can transfer funds to a private card 5168755904136252 Golyak Denis.

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