In Polonnoye, a house almost burned down due to a furnace malfunction

Today, on April 00, at 04:17 the communication point of the XNUMXth state fire and rescue part received the message on fire в housingmu at home on street Starchenko в m. Captivity. This was reported by the press service of the SES of Khmelnytsky region.

He was immediately called to the scene Polotsk emergency workers who institutionsor, what to burn overlap areait 1 sq. м. Rescuers immediately began to extinguish. Thanks to theirs operational actions пthe fire was localized at 00:09, eliminated at 00:10, and prevent it from spreadingny for the whole house.

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The probable cause of the fire is a violation of fire safety rules during operation of the furnace.

Зthe dead and injured are not was.

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