"Barking" and biting: In Britain, found a sheep that feels like a dog and friends with other dogs (PHOTOS)

Taken from https://galka.if.ua/gavkaie-i-kusaie-u-britanii-znayshli-viv/

In the British city of Bampton, a sheep nicknamed Chopsi turned into a real dog. She only plays with dogs and makes barking sounds.

He writes about it The Sun.

Chopsi was brought to the dogs so that they would learn not to chase sheep in the field. However, something went wrong, and the dogs "convinced" Chopsi that she was a dog. She does not feel safe with other sheep, so she runs away from them immediately. She is more interested in having fun with dogs: she enjoys running and playing with them.

"She goes crazy when she sees another dog passing by the field, she almost barks at them just like dogs at other dogs," said the sheep owner.

She also said that people do not immediately understand what kind of animal Chopsi really is, she writes "TSN".

“Sometimes when people pass us, they don't even realize she's a sheep because she runs with all the dogs. However, when people notice, they are surprised and ask, "Oh my God, is this a sheep?" Said the woman.

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