The Hardkiss presented a new video (VIDEO)

Taken from https://galka.if.ua/gurt-the-hardkiss-prezentuvav-noviy-klip-video/

Popular Ukrainian band The Hardkiss presented a new music video for the track "Mountain".

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The video appeared on the band's official YouTube channel, informs "Correspondent.net".

Street riots appear in the footage, in which musicians take part. At the same time, Yulia Sanina appears with a sword and in chain mail. The clip was shot in a burnt forest, and the soloist sang with a black veil on her face.

At the end of the video, group members pose among tropical plants in a botanical garden. The soloist of the ensemble Yulia Sanina is dressed in a luxurious silver dress with a decorative long sleeve on one arm.

In a comment to the new video, Yulia Sanina wrote: “Here is my legend. When the world was filled with chaos and hatred, when people became a threat to the world and to each other, - Heaven stopped hearing man. And then the people turned to the Mountain… That she, wise and high, may convey the message. And Gora agreed. And Heaven heard and for the last time gave mankind living dew, extinguished fires, filled rivers and washed away hatred. Last".

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