The "warm house" in the tender chose an expert on elevators

Taken from https://galka.if.ua/tepliy-dim-u-tenderi-obirav-eksperta/

Utility company "Warm House" held a tender for the purchase of services for technical inspection and expert inspection of elevators

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According to the results of the bidding with the expected value of UAH 789 thousand, the winner of the three lots was Zond Research and Production Company LLC with the price of UAH 355, UAH 608 and UAH 34, respectively. Thus, the discount from the expected cost was more than 173%, according to the press service "Warm house".

In total, five specialized enterprises took part in the bidding.

According to the documentation, the work on expert inspection and technical inspection of elevators will be performed by the end of this year according to the schedule.

The "Warm House" emphasizes that annual technical inspections or expert inspections are mandatory and are conducted by the company at the intervals established by law.

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