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60 Nana decorative catalps started planting on Metallurgists Avenue

Since the beginning of spring, 300 have been planted in Kryvyi Rih deciduous trees (birch, linden, ash, maple, cercis and other species), 50 conifers, 1850 shrubs and roses.   


Young trees have turned green in the parks "Northern", "Miner", parks "Dry Beam" on the street. Nevskaya, "Jubilee", them. Savitskoho, at the intersection of st. M. Szymanowski and Chumatsk, as well as in other leisure places of Kryvyi Rih.


Traditionally, trees are pruned - 80 trees are rejuvenated, 171 old trees are cut down.


At an extended meeting on spring landscaping, Mayor Konstantin Pavlov stressed: “Our Kryvyi Rih is famous for the diversity of greenery. And we understand that this is not only the aesthetics of our city, but first of all - care for people's health, given the environmental impact of industrial Kryvbas.  


It was noted at the meeting that despite the difficult socio-economic situation caused by the pandemic, the shortfall in the city budget of UAH 1 billion, expenditures on urban development in 2021 increased by almost 20%. 




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