Second life? Kryvyi Rih military airfield Dovgyntsevo received An-26. Video

Krivoy Rog

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The restored resort was visited by military transporters. This was reported by the soldiers themselves on the page of the East Air Command.

As noted by the Commander of the East Air Command, Major General Oleg Strutsinsky, the event was preceded by a huge painstaking work of the personnel of the newly created aviation commandant's office and the aerodrome engineering unit for the restoration of the airport.

"We hope that the activities of the military airfield will bring only positive and fresh air into the lives of citizens, as well as strengthen the defense capabilities of our state," the military said.

A notable and nostalgic event for Kryvyi Rih - the return of the airfield to life - caused stormy emotions among Kryvyi Rih residents, so the military also shared a video in which military An-26 transporters land on the runway.

It will be recalled that the Dovgyntseve military airfield in Kryvyi Rih has been operating on a regular basis since the mid-1950s. It housed the Air Transport Regiment - 363 VTAP (unit 22527), which was part of the 3rd Air Squadron of the 6th Guards Military Transport Air Division. In 2000 the regiment was disbanded and in 2004 it was finally relocated. In December 2018, it became known that the airfield was being revived as part of the state program for the restoration of military airfields.

The air of Dnipropetrovsk region comes to life. According to the army, in our region successfully tested the latest domestic unmanned aerial vehicle.

Photo and video of the East Air Command - below.