Who will stop Metinvest, which is killing the roads and bridges of Kryvyi Rih for the sake of profits?

Krivoy Rog

Taken from https://rudana.com.ua/news/hto-zupynyt-metinvest-yakyy-zarady-nadprybutkiv-vbyvaye-dorogy-i-mosty-kryvogo-rogu

Roads are perhaps the most expensive area of ​​infrastructure. This is the convenience and safety of Kryvyi Rih. These are funds that the city finds in the most difficult conditions and invests in development. In order for the roads to last at least 10 years and not have to be rebuilt, again spending the budget, it is important how they are operated and how much weight they carry.

Businesses and carriers in Ukraine often neglect the rules for maximum profit - congested vehicles create excessive pressure on the road, which leads to its destruction. This mainly applies to country roads.

But in Kryvyi Rih, a company located in the city itself is purposefully destroying roads, and its management assures citizens of its love for the city. We are talking about the management of Metinvest enterprises. The company plans to transport 50 tons of cargo per month, which is not less than two and a half thousand routes - with overload. For the enterprise - big money, for road infrastructure - considerable losses

"The movement of heavy vehicles from exceeded limits - is the destruction of the existing street network, the existing road surface, namely the track, potholes - excessive standards affect this negative. The level of road safety is reduced. Budgets at all levels are spent on rebuilding destroyed roads. This is quite a big loss. Also, bridges that were built decades ago, they can no longer withstand such loads that are systematically received from exceeding the weight norms. Of course, the infrastructure of highways is negative for bridges, ”said Oleksandr Zinchenko, chief specialist of the Department of State Control and Supervision of Transport Safety of the Ukrtransbezpeky Department in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast.

But why not, the road will be repaired by the government at the expense of the budget, and the company will receive the profit from transportation. This slogan is obviously followed by Metinvest.

The company transports raw materials not only by rail, but also by 40-ton trucks, which is much cheaper. Trucks do not run in a detour, but through the city.

In the first half of the year, raw ore was exported from Pidvenny GOK to the Central Plant, headed by Dmytro Shevchyk, with an overload of up to 1 tons. While according to all norms and rules there are restrictions on the passage of vehicles weighing up to 50 tons.

"From June 1, 2020, a temporary restriction on the movement of vehicles with an actual weight of more than 24 tons and an axle load of more than 7 tons was introduced. In case of confirmation of the total weight of more than 24 tons, the inspector makes a decision on further prohibition of movement and direction of such vehicles to the site of their temporary sludge, as well as decides on bringing the driver to administrative responsibility under Part 1 of Art. 122 KUPAP of Ukraine, - the press officer of patrol police Alina Kravets comments.

However, as folk wisdom says - the law is not written for someone. The driver has to answer, and the decision to whom and how much to load is made above.

He worked as a driver for Trans-Invest or Sarmat. From the YUGOK quarry through the village of "Rudnychne", or "Houses", as they are called, Lativka went to the Ingulets route. We entered through the Southern GOK, through Trumpark. Pesochna, Dzerzhinka, across the main road, past the memorial and on May Day, were returned to the TsGOKovsky quarry, ”one of the Metinvest drivers shared with our journalists.

- What weight did you carry?

- Cargoes up to 45 tons.

- And how much is allowed?

- 21 tons. Some documents were followed by one, others by another. The "left" consignment note was issued for 21 tons, while the actual consignment note - 40-45 tons.

According to the driver, the trucks constantly exceed the established weight norms. This is one of the main causes of damaged roads. Between profit and the public good, Ukrainian big business chooses first. It is easier for the management to give the driver 200 hryvnias for a bribe to the inspector than to spend tens of thousands to send the goods in several flights.

So, how much the company saves on congestion and how much the community loses because of it, that is, we are with you - simple math.

Given: 200 tons of cargo, a truck and a road that can withstand the load - 11,5 tons per axle. How many flights do you need to make, provided that the road belongs to a businessman and he is going to inherit it to children?

As an option - to make 8 flights of 25 tons, or 5 - 40 tons. In the first case, the carrier's costs will be 28 thousand, and in the second case - the costs will be reduced by more than 10 thousand hryvnias. However, the losses for the road industry will more than triple. What will the company choose, in the absence of proper control, and therefore - responsibility?

“Any movement, any transportation, any tender is agreed with the customer. In this case, directly with the plant. If there was a deviation from the routes and there was a violation of signs, violation of traffic rules, then each plant has a security service, traffic safety, which was to monitor how these traffic is carried out, - said one of the employees of the company. - It follows that this was either agreed with the management of the plant, or the plant turned a blind eye to it for reasons unknown to us. At the time of the tender, routes, transportation distances and load capacity of vehicles are always indicated. it is all transported on bypass roads. Carriers performed transportation through the city, through residential areas. "

Roads of local significance can withstand no more than 7 tons per car axle. Accordingly, all developed countries prohibit the movement of cars in excess of these weight norms on the local road network. Today, the trucks mostly drive trucks from 11 to 20 tons per axle. Thus, roads are destroyed, no matter how many are repaired.

In early spring, the Kryvyi Rih city authorities prepared a decision on the rules of heavy and bulky transport on the roads of Kryvyi Rih. The reason for considering the issue was the complaints of the communities of Stepove and Rudnychne. The company's trucks smashed local roads and damaged pipelines.

"Cars began to go around these villages, damaged crops, damaged the road to the cemetery. The cars were driving directly through the village of Rudnychne, as a result of which the water pipeline was damaged. We also know that the village is bounded on all sides by dumps and cities - the only connection between the village and the city, which transports traffic: and school buses, and ambulance, and fire. People are worried about this, "City Council Secretary Serhiy Malyarenko commented.

Not more than 24 tons by city roads. Such a decision-ban was made by the executive committee of the City Council. The document was sent to the patrol police.

Law enforcement officers must organize control over the execution of the decision. But, the cart is still there.

"There were situations. People blocked roads to settlements, people were constantly on duty at night, and posts were set up. My partner had it rained more than once, and they tried to go that way so as not to cross the quarry. Then people blocked, and handed back long kilometers a mile and a half. The road is narrow, and you could break anything. In the rain. The same with overload. If overloaded, you know the wheels are firing. It's all dangerous. But it's a job. If you don't do it, they will evict you. So we went, - the driver of Metinvest remembers. - Starting with PivGOK - you enter YUGOK, Trampark, Pisochna, Dzerzhinka. We leave on the main road on MREO and on May Day. Almost half of the route is through the city. "

Here is what the locals said:

"I have a small child. When I was driving a wheelchair, I already had it a couple of times, the wheelchair practically turned over, I caught it. I called the hotline in Kyiv - five times already, probably. Well, as you can see. This is more than one year. "

"This road used to be perfect. This road now goes to our cemetery. Every year we have memorial days here. And how it breaks all the time: beats, beats and beats ".

Solution to the problem: to weigh and punish - six months ago, President Volodymyr Zelensky set a task for the Ministry of Infrastructure to restart the State Service for Transport Safety - Ukrtransbezpeka, as well as to install almost 80 automatic weight control systems.

"We know about the big problem - we are building, and" comrades "from Ukrtransbezpeka - not all, but in general - they are destroying. Due to the fact that they do not control overloaded transportation. And the blame for everything - "assholes" - trucks, "- according to the head of state, they are the ones who prevent the guarantor to make the country better and destroy the roads with overloaded trucks.

And a month ago at an extraordinary meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers it was announced to strengthen the weight control of trucks.

The government has adopted a draft decree "On measures to prevent the destruction of roads." It is a question of introduction of round-the-clock weight control of vehicles by Ukrtransbezpeka together with National police, SBU, SFS, Ukravtodor and local executive bodies.

But on the way to simple solutions - continuous difficulties and obstacles.

"Unfortunately, not everywhere can be done with weighing, because there are requirements for the location of this equipment. To do this, special sections of roads must be arranged, on which it is possible to lay out the weight complex, mobile scales, to control the weight restrictions on the axles and the gross weight.

Otherwise, only documentary dimensional and weight control is carried out by checking documents, by controlling weight norms. Many carriers manipulate this issue, fake transport documents are provided for inspection, and consignment notes with full weight are not handed over to the inspector for control, and, accordingly, not always during documentary and weight control can be detected exceeding weight norms "- added Alexander Zinchenko.

This is what those who send drivers on the flight expect.

"Of course, everyone knew. They told me to go - the faster, the more flights, and the higher your salary. It was loaded, the excavator was loaded, the scales were weighed, the consignment note was issued. With these invoices along the route. And already in the second quarry, when they were unloading, you come in before unloading - they also weigh you on the scales, they mark you. Three in fact and one "left" were discharged. For the police, if the weight is stopped. The more you carry, the more you earn. Greed, ”admits one of the drivers.

At the official request of the city authorities to organize control on the roads of reaction from law enforcement agencies in the form of concrete results - unnoticed.

Cars of Metinvest plants both drove and drive on Kryvyi Rih roads. Now the ore is transported from the Northern GOK to the South. At the same time, heavy trucks cross two bridges with a maximum weight limit of 30 tons.

How quickly bridges will "get tired" and who will pay for their rehabilitation is a question in the air. And when these bridges fall, will we say thank you to Shevchyk and Metinvest?

Superprofits are everything, people are nothing.