When to expect coolness? Weather forecasters told what the weather will be like in Ukraine by the end of August

Krivoy Rog

Taken from https://rudana.com.ua/news/koly-chekaty-proholodu-synoptyky-rozpovily-yakoyu-bude-pogoda-v-ukrayini-do-kincya-serpnya

On August 19-21, the air temperature in Ukraine will rise, in some places to +34 degrees. At the same time, all western regions will be flooded daily with heavy rains and thunderstorms in some places.

From August 22 until the end of the month, hot weather will continue almost all over Ukraine, and the rains in the west will stop.

The temperature is expected to decline only after September 4. Weather forecasters predict that at the same time will begin a period of heavy rains.

Source - UNIAN.