Kryvyi Rih lawyers helped the orphan girl get rid of the heat debt of 27 hryvnias

Krivoy Rog

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This was reported by the Kryvyi Rih Center for Free Legal Aid.

The child was placed in an orphanage where she remained until adoption. She was soon taken away by her new parents.

The children's service later received word that the girl's mother had died. Specialists of the service consulted the family, so the new parents began to draw up documents. It turned out that the apartment had a considerable debt for heat - 27274 hryvnias.

"Specifically, this story turned out to be illustrative. The new father was determined and turned to the free legal aid system. He, as the child's legal representative, has the right to appoint a lawyer guaranteed by the state, "the Center for Free Legal Aid said.

With the help of an appointed lawyer, the child's representative filed a lawsuit to declare the debt unfounded. The plaintiff's party emphasized that at the time the debt was accrued, the child was already living in a shelter. The child had his share, for a long time he did not live in the apartment, but was on state security. After the adoption, she received a new surname, so at some point she had to prove that she was mentioned in the certificate of ownership. Despite all the difficulties, the situation was resolved in favor of the girl.

The Dzerzhinsky District Court ruled in favor of the adoptive father, who acted in the interests of his minor child. The court ordered the utility company Kryvorizhteplomerezha to cancel in full from the personal account of the apartment belonging to a minor child the debt for the provided services for the supply of thermal energy in full.