Kryvyi Rih became one of the winners of the "Active Community" contest

Krivoy Rog


The Executive Committee of the City Council, in accordance with the terms of the competition, sent the organizers a generalized questionnaire and a description of best practice: "Electronic services of the city of Kryvyi Rih: prompt, relevant, convenient."

The competition is implemented by the Ministry of Culture within the framework of the Swiss-Ukrainian EGAP program.

For reference. Kryvyi Rih was one of the first in Ukraine to develop and implement a single web portal of electronic information resources of the city - the official web portal Kryvyi Rih Resource Center “Kryvyi Rih Resource Center”, the main purpose of which is to develop and improve information interaction of city authorities with the territorial community of the city, support their effective open dialogue, provide “single online window” convenient and free round-the-clock access to citizens, business representatives and guests. and investors of the city, other interested persons to the operative, reliable actual information from all directions of life of the city.

Today, a set of implemented measures to implement elements of a smart city - electronic services in Kryvyi Rih has not only responded to today's challenges in the global development of the information society, but also shown its effectiveness and demand among broad categories of its users.