Doctors of Kryvyi Rih: convinced that the mayor Yuriy Vilkul will be the guarantor of development of medicine - without reductions of hospitals and medical workers

Krivoy Rog


As we wrote, on November 3, Mayor Yuriy Vilkul handed over another 21 oxygen concentrators to hospitals № 1 and №7.

At present, basic medical facilities for the treatment of coronavirus patients are equipped with vital devices for patients.

Honored doctors of Ukraine Larysa Mudra, Olena Partoeva, Mykola Veropotvelyan and Natalia Shevchenko were present at the meeting with the mayor. They addressed Yuri Vilkul with words of gratitude for the support of the medical industry in Kryvyi Rih, huge, comprehensive assistance to medical institutions, including in a pandemic.

During the conversation with the mayor, the doctors discussed the prospects for the development of the industry and thanked him for the work already done:

“During your tenure in the city, not only have all secondary and tertiary health care facilities been fully preserved, but 50 new modern outpatient clinics have been built and opened in all districts of the city. There is no such thing in any city of Ukraine. At the expense of the local budget, a rehabilitation center for anti-terrorist operation participants was opened on the basis of №5 hospital, angiographs were installed in №9 and №2 hospitals, and a STOP-heart attack medical program was developed, which has been operating for 5 years. The program saved the lives of nearly 1000 city residents. The branch of the regional ophthalmological clinical hospital with 85 beds, 15 of them are children's, works openly and effectively. Major repairs of hospitals №17 and №7 were carried out, hospitals №10 and №11 were reconstructed ”.

Mayor Yuriy Vilkul said:

"Currently, medicine should be financed by the National Health Service of Ukraine. But we see that without the help of the city it will be very difficult for hospitals. My position remains the same - we will help medical institutions and continue to fund programs necessary for the health of Kryvyi Rih residents. No hospital should be reduced. Moreover, as I said earlier - we will continue to build new clinics, 16 more will be built. "

The chief doctor of the infectious diseases hospital, Olena Partoeva, emphasized: “Just over a year ago, the city received hospitals from the region, which, as everyone knows, were in a very sad state due to constant underfunding by the state. And immediately, according to the mayor's program, repairs were started, new modern equipment began to be purchased. The transformations that have begun must be continued. We are convinced that Mayor Yuriy Vilkul will be the guarantor that medicine in Kryvyi Rih will develop - without the reduction of hospitals and medical workers, as is happening now in many cities. "

In Kryvyi Rih there is no arrears of wages, timely payment of financial assistance in the medical field, in parallel with state subventions. The city also takes care of the housing of medical workers - during the leadership of Mayor Yuri Vilkul doctors received 72 apartments.