Junior classes - to school, senior - according to the situation. How will schools work after the holidays?

Krivoy Rog

Source https://rudana.com.ua/news/molodshi-klasy-do-shkoly-starshi-po-sytuaciyi-yak-pracyuvatymut-shkoly-pislya-kanikul

This was announced by Acting Minister of Education and Science Sergei Shkarlet in his Telegram-channel.

"I would like to inform you that together with the Ministry of Health we will provide classes for grades 1-4 in full-time format (after the holidays), and grades 5-11 - depending on the epidemic level: in mixed or distance formats," he said.

As we wrote, now the autumn holidays in schools, which will end on October 30, are underway.

In the "green" and "yellow" zones, students will continue to attend classes. In the "orange" zone, a mixed format of education is organized - some classes attend classes, others - study remotely. At the same time, if more than half of the classes are quarantined, the whole school will be sent to online lessons. The "red" zone is only distance learning.

According to Serhiy Shkarlet, a repeat of the spring lockdown is the worst-case scenario that no one wants to allow today. However, educators are preparing for any situation, and so far a lot of material has been developed, and teachers are more willing to work remotely.

Another issue is the need to take into account the economic component and the fact that children are not easy to leave at home unattended, said the head of education.

He also stressed that we will return to normal life sooner if we strictly follow the quarantine recommendations of the Ministry of Health.

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