A modern outpatient clinic with an emergency department was opened in Sunny in Kryvyi Rih

Krivoy Rog

Taken from https://rudana.com.ua/news/na-sonyachnomu-v-kryvomu-rozi-vidkryly-suchasnu-ambulatoriyu-z-viddilennyam-nevidkladnoyi

“This is an important medical project for us, because, in addition to a modern outpatient clinic, we have created a 240-hour emergency department here. Despite quarantine and the difficult economic situation in the country, no medical program has been curtailed in Kryvyi Rih. In particular, about 1 million hryvnias have been set aside in the city budget for the development of the healthcare sector - purchase of equipment, repairs of medical institutions. This is despite the fact that from April XNUMX, according to the second stage of medical reform, the financing of all hospitals and dental clinics should be carried out by the National Health Service of Ukraine. By the end of the year, we plan to open two more outpatient clinics in the Metallurgical and Central City districts. Our principle remains the same - primary care should be as close and high quality as possible for all Kryvyi Rih residents, "said Mayor Yuriy Vilkul.

During the reconstruction of the premises for the outpatient clinic № 2, the CPMSD № 4 completely replaced the communications, insulated the facades, equipped the separate entrances with ramps, installed energy-saving windows, and improved the territory.

"With the support of the city authorities, Kryvyi Rih residents received a modern outpatient clinic that meets the latest world standards for examination and treatment. Primary care in Kryvyi Rih is the gold standard for reforming the health care system, ”said Valery Serdyuk, Director of the Dnipro Regional State Administration's Health Care Department.

The city has purchased the necessary equipment to organize the work of the ambulance department. In total, there will be 4 general ambulance crews, 1 intensive care and resuscitation team, a dispatcher and a paramedic. The brigades will serve 102 residents of Saksagan and partially Dovhyntsi districts.

"I have not seen such an ambulance substation in the region and even in Ukraine. Here decent conditions are created for comfortable work and rest of ambulance workers ", - the director of the regional Center of emergency medical care Radiy Shevchenko noted.