The independent trade union defended preferential holidays of miners of KZRK, - Volynets

Krivoy Rog


Mykhailo Volynets, the head of the NPGU, commented on the situation.

“On January 28 this year, a commission for attestation of jobs was set up at the CPRC. The plant's administration tried to reduce the privileged vacations of 67 professions, including 9 underground ones. But thanks to the timely response of workers, the active position of the primary branch of the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine in Kryvyi Rih, it was proved that the hygienic working conditions at the company have not improved: the harmful effects of production factors on workers' health have not decreased. performing heavy, unhealthy work, the right to additional leave. The norm defended by the trade union will last until July 2022, ”the head of the NPGU emphasized.

It will be recalled that attempts by the KRZK leadership to deprive miners of benefits for difficult working conditions, as well as outdated mine equipment and low wages, prompted miners from four mines to go on strike for 4 days.

The trial of the miners who took part in the underground protest is ongoing.