They reshaped the country. The Verkhovna Rada voted for the formation of 138 districts instead of the 490 existing ones

Krivoy Rog

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Despite opposition opposition, 238 people's deputies voted in favor.

"The formation of new and liquidation of existing districts will ensure compliance of the system of administrative-territorial organization of the district level of Ukraine with modern requirements and European standards, which, in turn, will help determine a reasonable territorial basis for the executive and relevant local governments," the explanatory memorandum said. notes to the draft resolution.

Critics of reform point to the uneven distribution of districts, inconsistencies in legislation and “dual power” that may arise in cities, which will lead to conflicts between the local elected government and the mayor on the one hand and district administrations and presidential representatives on the other. The approval of the new zoning will extend the unjustified three-tier system of public administration even to those settlements of Ukraine where it did not exist before. According to some experts, before considering a new division into districts, the parliament should review the legislation and exclude the role of district councils and self-government bodies at the district level, and then move to zoning.

Instead, advocates The new division claims that it aims to open the way to the elimination of district self-government. According to them, there is now a large disparity among the existing districts, which they want to correct so that the entities meet modern requirements for the organization of effective local government. For example, the smallest district in Ukraine in terms of population is Polissya in the Kyiv region. 5622 people live there. At the same time, the largest is in Kharkiv, where more than 182 people live.

We will remind, on June 12 the Cabinet of Ministers sent to Rada the bill on a format of the future areas. They wanted to reduce their number in Ukraine from 490 to 129. Mostly in the new areas should live at least 150 thousand people - this is the European standard. Two days earlier, on July 15, the Verkhovna Rada, at the request of the Servant of the People faction, withdrew a draft resolution on reducing the number of districts.