First a Mustang, then a plane, then a parachute? 90-year-old grandmother Rina from Transcarpathia is tearing up the Internet. Video

Krivoy Rog

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Grandma Rina did not calm down. Now the Internet star has got a plane!

Grandmother's grandson Ivan Kutsina said that the idea for the plane was born immediately after the video about the convertible spread like wildfire on the Internet. So we decided to continue our travels.

The video was shot in Kolomyia. The plane was piloted by an instructor, but in the air he allowed his grandmother to feel like a pilot.

After landing, Grandma Rina shared her positive emotions: "Fly nice, quiet, normal!"

Now the summer extremist also dreams of jumping with a parachute, but her grandson still can not give an exact answer that will allow the grandmother to take such a step.

Watch the video of Grandma's flight below. In two days, 61 people have already seen it.

"The next video will be about Baba Rina's flight to Mars with Elon Musk," commentators joke.

Source - Public eye.