A modern institution to help children: the medical building is being overhauled at the expense of the city

Krivoy Rog

Source https://rudana.com.ua/videos/suchasnyy-zaklad-dlya-dopomogy-dityam-v-infekciyci-koshtom-mista-kapitalno-remontuyut

Turn Kryvyi Rih hospitals into modern medical institutions. This direction is a priority in the field of health care in Kryvyi Rih. For many years, being in the communal property of the region, Kryvyi Rih hospitals did not undergo repairs. With the return of institutions to the ownership of the city, things have moved from a standstill. One example is the overhaul of the building of the first infectious disease hospital. Our correspondents have learned what has already been done and when this important facility will be commissioned.