Freedom to pour? The Rada wants to abolish fines for moonshine and machines

Krivoy Rog

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It is proposed to remove from the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses Articles 176 ("Manufacture, storage of moonshine and devices for its production") and 177 ("Purchase of moonshine and other home-made spirits"). These articles provide for the imposition of fines.

In addition, they propose to amend the law "On state regulation of production and circulation of ethyl alcohol, cognac and fruit, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products and fuel" and the Tax Code of Ukraine.

The changes will establish requirements for the material and technical base of persons engaged in home brewing, taxation of such activities and liability for violation of these requirements.

As stated in the explanatory note, “according to statistics, Article 176 of the Code of Administrative Offenses is ineffective, especially given the size of the sanction - from 51 to 170 hryvnias. "According to the State Judicial Administration, in 2018 the courts considered only 197 cases of administrative violations related to home brewing, and imposed administrative penalties on 80 people."

According to the authors of the bill, this article is discriminatory in relation to home-made moonshine, because the production of grape and fruit wines, honey drinks, infusions and tinctures at home for their own consumption is not responsible.

Source - UNIAN.