An 82-year-old woman from Covid-19 died in Kryvyi Rih, +1 new case was confirmed

Krivoy Rog

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For the past 1hrs, Kryvyi Rih has received XNUMX new positive PCR result. The patient was already in the infectious disease hospital on suspicion of continuing treatment.

Unfortunately, we have another fatal case.

The elderly woman spent a long time in the 7th hospital with chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease. Doctors fought for her life for almost a month. Covid-19 on the background of a serious incurable disease.

The total number of deaths of patients with coronavirus on the background of major diseases - 9.

There are currently 49 patients in the infectious disease hospital, 19 with Covid-13 and 36 with suspicion.

In severe condition - 15 patients, 8 of them - in intensive care, oxygen dependent, but do not require connection to the ventilator.

With suspicion in the city - 94 people waiting for PCR results.

There are 520 Kryvyi Rih residents in self-isolation. 9 people are under the outpatient supervision of family doctors with established coronavirus. In them the disease passes without deterioration of state of health.

During the quarantine in the city have already earned 30831 quick tests.