Kryvyi Rih dealers distributed shirk and marijuana in the park and forest belt

Krivoy Rog

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On the spot, the man explained that an unknown woman was distributing drugs in the park area.

During a search of the surrounding area, police stopped a similarly described woman. A cursory inspection of a 37-year-old woman found 14 slip packages with a green substance of plant origin.

Later, a resident of Pokrovsky district turned to the police and said that drugs were allegedly being sold in a forest strip on Shkapenko Street.

Cops surveyed the area and noticed a suspicious man.

The Kryvyi Rih man had syringes with him, one of which was filled with a narcotic substance.

Investigative and operative groups of Pokrovsky and Inguletsky VP were called to the scene.

Photo of the patrol police of Kryvyi Rih.