The open address of the mayor Yury Vilkul to Kryvyi Rih residents. Video

Krivoy Rog


“All these years I have worked honestly, sincerely, doing my best. I have never been an office manager and I am proud of everything we have done together with you. My main priority has always been to maintain social stability, help people and develop the city. Giving all my strength to my native Kryvyi Rih, I, unfortunately, did not become younger. I am always open and honest with you. I can't let you down even now, when intensive work is so necessary. And health, unfortunately, began to fail.

Working half-strength is not for me. Realizing the greatest responsibility to every Kryvyi Rih resident, I, unfortunately, will not be able to participate in the second round of elections. Now Konstantin Pavlov goes to the second round. We worked with him for 10 years in the same team. I am sure that he is a decent, principled and prepared candidate for the post of mayor. It will preserve all the best, will not allow upheavals and social experiments, and will add young dynamics and new energy to the development of the city. And will always be on the side of ordinary people. And our block "Ukrainian Perspective", my knowledge and experience will always lend a hand to Konstantin Pavlov in the city council. With faith in your wisdom and with gratitude! Yuriy Vilkul ”.