Vyzyrska united community in Odesa region: secrets of success, business to help

Krivoy Rog

Taken from https://rudana.com.ua/news/vyzyrska-obyednana-gromada-na-odeshchyni-sekrety-uspihu-biznes-u-pomich

The Vizyr community is exemplary in its district. Thanks to the developed infrastructure, it is largely due to the cooperation with TIS (TransInvestService) - the largest private stevedoring operator in Ukraine.Because of such an influential financial donor, many nearby villages seek to join the Vizier community, whichthe company provides significant financial assistance and jobs. We talked more about TIS there.

Currently, the Vizyrska community ranks 4th in the ranking of local budgets. Vyzyr village head Valery Stoilaki and head of the culture department of the village council Kateryna Kushnir shared with OTG's work and far-sighted plans with our journalists.

"When TIS started its activities in this area, its founder Oleksiy Stavnitser moved from Odessa to Vyzyrka, carefully inspected the village and paid attention to what is missing here for normal life. He undertook landscaping: he helped build a school, build a kindergarten, a House of Culture. With the financial support of the company, the streets in Vyzyrka were asphalted, lighting and a gas pipeline were installed. When the Vizyrska OTG was created, there were plans to make the villages European-style civilized, but for this we first of all need infrastructure - electricity, water, gas, sewerage, ”says Valery Stoilaki.

Sewerage is considered by peasants to be a priority. Now OTG is just designing it. UAH 500 has already been allocated for the project. KNS hopes to launch the first phase next year. Lighting on the streets of the village is turned on automatically, for this purpose special sensors have been installed here. There are also 17 CCTV cameras. In the Vyzyrska community there is a free centralized garbage collection, altfaters and plastic boxes. Garbage trucks run through the villages according to the schedule. The shuttle bus also carries people for free, in the morning and until 18.00.

FAP operates on the territory of Vyzyrka, in 2018 a new outpatient clinic was built with the region at a joint expense.

"This year, another 5 million has been allocated to complete the construction," said the head of OTG. - There will be not only an outpatient clinic, but also housing for two doctors. Another large outpatient clinic operates in the village of Pershotravneve. It has all the necessary equipment, even an ultrasound machine. "

The next stage in the community is to build on May Day. In the near future - to dismantle the old school building and build a modern sports complex on this site - a stadium, swimming pool, basketball court, cafe. They want to complete the two floors of the village council building to accommodate workers in comfortable conditions. There will be a CNAP near the outpatient clinic.

They are building not only Vizyrka. Lyubopil and Pershotravensk village councils used to be subsidized. Now they have invested a lot of money there, repaired the school, the area near the House of Culture, lit the streets and asphalted some roads.

In the near future, the locals will have a pedestrian bridge over the beam, a park area with bicycle paths, a recreation park, a variety stage for concerts and brass band performances.

50 members of the exemplary brass band "Vizyrsky trumpets" under the direction of Stepan Skochypets create a festive mood and delight local residents with virtuoso performance. About 100 peasants are involved in amateur performances in the Vizier House of Culture. In Pervomaiskyi - 300. There are 9 folk groups, among them - well-known in Ukraine "Vyzyrchanka" and "Source". Gifted village artists were invited to perform at the Sorochyn Fair and in the Verkhovna Rada.

"I am happy when the lights of the House of Culture light up in the evening," says Valery Stoilaki. - It becomes easy on the soul, because children sing and dance there. This is our future, it inspires hope. "

Hope and numbers inspire: last year in Pershotravneve 1 first-graders went to the 585st grade, and this year - already 620. In the local NEC, designed for 1200 students, journalists were met by director Tetyana Kazak and head teacher Natalia Kyrychenko. Educators proudly presented the work of the newly created hub "Prostosvit", where they organize courses "for those who are for", develop the creative abilities of children, prepare students for external evaluation, work with children. Here it is cozy and comfortable, teachers and children are provided with the necessary equipment, computer equipment.

The highlight of Vyzyrka is the Lastivka eco-farm, which has become an attractive tourist location in the district. We will tell about it in more detail in our next reports.