Yu. Vilkul: We additionally allocate funds from the city budget to support education, road repairs, landscaping and protection of public order

Krivoy Rog

Taken from https://rudana.com.ua/news/yuvilkul-na-pidtrymku-osvity-remont-dorig-blagoustriy-ta-ohoronu-gromadskogo-poryadku-dodatkovo

The mayor of Kryvyi Rih, Yuriy Vilkul, said: “Certainly, we have made every effort to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Life and health of Kryvyi Rih residents - first of all. From the reserve fund of the city budget we send more than 6 million UAH for the purchase of rapid tests, sets of reagents for PCR tests, the purchase of necessary laboratory equipment, medical devices, consumables.

However, we must also take care of the work of the municipal economy, preparation for the new school year and many other issues on which the comfort and safety of residents depend. In August, we are allocating UAH 1,5 million to support the education sector for major repairs of 5 educational institutions, for the Palace of Water Sports, replacement of heat meters in schools. "

Deputies supported the mayor's proposals and allocated additional funds for the current repair of roads, for the continuation of work on the overhaul of container sites and the development of projects for the repair of outdoor lighting networks; to complete the reconstruction of the underground pedestrian crossing on the street. Lermontov.

“We are working on the creation of a single video surveillance center in the city and at this session we allocated funds for the purchase of equipment and installation of a video surveillance and video surveillance system. Also, within the program of protection of a public order we direct 1 306, 0 thousand UAH for acquisition of mobile forensic laboratory for forensic examination. Issues of security and saving people's lives have been and should remain a priority, "Yuriy Vilkul summed up.