A woman who killed her 13-year-old daughter and cut off her head will not be imprisoned

Krivoy Rog

Source https://rudana.com.ua/news/zhinku-yaka-ubyla-svoyu-13-richnu-donku-y-vidrizala-yiy-golovu-ne-posadyat-do-vyaznyci

It should be recalled Tatiana Pyanova was detained on April 30 near Kharkiv. The woman was wandering the streets of the village of Podvirky, Kharkiv region, without clothes, and in her hands she was holding a package with the severed head of her 13-year-old daughter. The suspect deliberately stabbed the child 20 times in the head.

"Due to the person's insanity, the court's decision granted the prosecutor's request to apply coercive medical measures in the form of hospitalization to a medical institution under strict supervision," said Dmytro Chubenko, a spokesman for the Kharkiv regional prosecutor.

The prosecutor's office says that no other persons involved in the crime have been identified. In total, more than 30 expert studies were conducted, including immunological, cytological, forensic, forensic, psychiatric examinations and DNA tests.

The decision can be appealed within 30 days. This time the suspect will be in the Kharkiv pre-trial detention center.

Photo by the National Police and TSN.