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Dog's joys: there are owners of two four-legged animals, about which "Rudana" told

The other day we told about two cute shepherds Don and Lika, as well as about a blue-eyed handsome husky who lost his home and got to the Animal Treatment Center.


The owners of one of the shepherds and huskies called and took their pets from the Center.


As always, we make sure that the "48 hours" rule applies in 99,9% of cases! - communal services speak. - This means that if the dog ran away from home and the owners are looking for him, then in 99,9% of cases he is found within the first 48 hours. The same happened with the new settlers of the Center - the owners of a husky and one of the shepherds were found ”.


The Rudana TV channel has recently released the program "Dog Show", in which we help to find the owner of a lost animal or find a new family for it. This is a joint project with the Animal Treatment Center. Four-legged homeless people come to the Center for various reasons: they refused someone because they were tired, they found someone on the street. But all tails want to be needed, have a friend and love. Cynologist Timur Batishchev talks about the residents of the Center, their characters, habits, features and gives advice on how to properly care for the animal. 


We are glad that the owners of these two four-legged animals finally found them and took them home. We hope they are loved there.


The program about Don and Lika can be viewed below.




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