Krivoy Rog

Blue-necked brought spring. In Kryvyi Rih, a photographer shot a colorful bird. Photo report

The blue-necked bird is a timid bird the size of a robin. She moves on the ground with characteristic steps, so it seems that she has surprisingly long legs.


Blue-necked has long been famous for its singing abilities. She is also known for her ability to imitate the voices of other birds and mechanical sounds, such as a locomotive horn. 


During the nesting period, males often sing on the fly. The song of the male blue-necked begins more often with the twitter which accelerates. The people of Lapland call these birds "stoyazyky".


Blue-necked - a migratory bird. In late August or early September, it leaves the nesting site and goes to winter in North Africa and southern Asia. The blue-necked bird returns to the nesting places only in the middle of May (birds very often arrive in the northern regions in the beginning of June).



Photo by Igor Yanchuk. Source - Birds of Ukraine. 


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