Oxygen stations in the Lviv ambulance hospital emit oxygen from the air

Such oxygen stations are planned to be installed in the 8th city clinical hospital

Two new American-made oxygen stations, which independently emit oxygen from the air, have opened at the Lviv Clinical Ambulance Hospital. From now on, the hospital will buy half as much oxygen, because half of the required amount will be produced here on its own, the press service of the LMR reported.

"The commissioning of oxygen stations has a great positive effect. After all, we have up to half of our own oxygen there, and the price is a saving of more than a million hryvnias a month. This is very important, because today we have a single supplier of oxygen - Lviv Chemical Plant, and so we will have an alternative - oxygen of our own production. ", - the mayor of Lviv Andrey Sadovy commented.

According to the head of the hospital's nephrology and dialysis department, Mikhail Kalenikov, one oxygen station supplies 520 liters of oxygen per minute. That is, two stations of the same capacity can supply more than 1000 liters of oxygen. Previously, the hospital bought about 4 cubic meters of liquid oxygen from the Lviv Chemical Plant, and now, since the oxygen stations started operating, it will buy half as much.

Oxygen from the stations will be delivered to the operating rooms, to the intensive care unit, ie to where medical gas supply is required.

"Oxygen stations work on the following principle: compressors take air from the street, catch it in the tanks, putting pressure on the oxygen generator, which contains a sorbent. This sorbent releases oxygen in one direction and nitrogen in the other, ie returns it back to the air. And the oxygen goes to the diffuser and from there it enters the compartment. The same technology of oxygen production is used in all world clinics ", - Mikhail Kalenikov commented.

In addition to oxygen stations, two cryogenic gasifiers were installed at the ambulance hospital at the end of last year to store and supply oxygen. So now two cryocylinders and two oxygen stations will be able to fully meet the needs of patients in oxygen therapy.

Later, the same two oxygen stations are planned to be installed in the 8th city clinical hospital. The relevant decision was made on April 8 by the city commission on thermal power and emergency situations.

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