Two men were found dead at the Yavoriv landfill

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The bodies of two men were found in a forest strip at the Yavoriv landfill in the Lviv region. One of the dead was a military contractor, the other was a civilian.

This is stated in the plot TSN.

It is noted that the military served under contract. He was 25 years old, originally from Chernihiv region. Previously, his death was described as suicide. According to police, the man left a death note. It seems that due to family circumstances he decided to commit suicide.

“There were no problems in the military service, there were no remarks from the command at all. He was characterized by service only on the positive side, ”says the acting commander of the military unit Vladimir Sidorov.

The soldier lived in a barracks located near the training ground. In the evening he left the barracks and did not return in time. Other soldiers rushed to search and found his body in the woods. According to journalists, the man allegedly exploded on a homemade device.

Another body was accidentally found by servicemen while searching for his comrade a few kilometers away. He is a 47-year-old local resident who was declared missing in January. Whether his death was violent, the police are still silent.

"The persons have been identified, their bodies have been sent for forensic medical examinations, which will finally determine the cause of death," commented Svitlana Dobrovolska, a spokeswoman for the Lviv Region National Police.

After a forensic examination, in a few days, the police promise to name the final causes of death.


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