Medvedchuk's family still controls a share of oil business in Russia, - "Schemes"

Despite the recent sale of shares in Russian oil companies, the family of MP from OPZZH Viktor Medvedchuk and businessmen close to him still control part of the oil refining industry in Russia. About it, with reference to data of the register of legal entities of Russia, to write journalists of the "Schemes" program.

Recently, Medvedchuk's wife Oksana Marchenko got rid of "Parent" company in Russia, which included refineries and oil sales.

In particular, it is about the Russian company "South Energy". It is the "parent" company of the oil refining business of the conditional group "Novoshakhtinsky Petroleum Products Plant" (NZNP).

Thus, together with Yug Energo, Medvedchuk's family lost control over 5 more companies:

  • TD "NZNP" - a company that sells petroleum products;
  • Yugtrans-NZNP is a carrier company;
  • "NZNP Engineering" - construction and design company);
  • Rosewood Shipping is a carrier company that owns eight oil tankers;
  • JSC "Novoshakhtinsky Petroleum Products Plant".

The latter company was sanctioned by the National Security and Defense Council in February for financing terrorism.

Now the new owner of Yug Energo is the Russian company Peton Invest Technology, a "daughter" of the Peton Oil and Gas Research and Design Institute, which is a contractor for Gazprom. This company controls 93% of Yug Energo.

But this does not mean that Medvedchuk's family and those close to him have completely lost touch with the NZNP group. The families of Viktor Medvedchuk and his colleague Taras Kozak continue to own NZNP Trade.

The company has been granted the right to extract oil at the Gavrikovskoye field in the Khanty-Mansiysk district, where oil reserves are estimated at almost 137 million tons.

Currently, the founders of NZNP Trade LLC are Kozak's civilian wife Natalia Lavreniuk (25%), Renaissance JSC Oksana Marchenko (61%) and Finconsultpro JSC (14%).

It will be recalled that on February 19, the National Security and Defense Council decided to impose sanctions for terrorist financing against 19 legal entities and eight individuals, including Viktor Medvedchuk, his wife Oksana Marchenko, and the civilian wife of Taras Kozak, People's Deputy Natalia Lavrenyuk. Sanctions were imposed on Kozak himself on February 2. Later, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksiy Danilov explained the department's recent decisions regarding Viktor Medvedchuk and the imposition of sanctions on officials close to him.

Danilov, in particular, denied the words of former Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksandr Turchynov, who said that "President Zelensky dragged on for two years with sanctions and introduced them in view of his ratings."

According to him, sanctions against Medvedchuk due to accusations of terrorist financing are applied to the court's decision absolutely legally.

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