More than 220 Lviv doctors will receive financial assistance from the city

Over the past 95hrs, XNUMX patients were hospitalized in Lviv hospitals

Lviv City Council financially supports medical workers who work in hospitals that treat patients with coronavirus infection. Another 222 medical workers received financial assistance in the amount of UAH 20 and UAH 10. The relevant decisions were made on April 9 by the executive committee of Lviv, the press service of the LMR reported.

20 medical workers of the Lviv city territorial community who became infected with the coronavirus will receive financial assistance in the amount of UAH 179, and 43 medical workers of the Clinical Ambulance Hospital will receive UAH 10 each.

In general, since the beginning of the pandemic, the city has been financially helping doctors rescuing patients with coronavirus. 1669 medical workers have already received financial assistance: 905-10 thousand hryvnias (laboratory assistants, doctors, nurses, junior nurses) and 899 hryvnias - 20 thousand hryvnias each (doctors from various medical institutions of the city who became infected with the coronavirus).

By the way, as of the morning of April 9, 819 Lviv residents were diagnosed with coronavirus in Lviv, and a total of 1639 residents of the Lviv region were laboratory-confirmed coronavirus infection in the region. On inpatient treatment in Lviv hospitals There are 1125 patients, 66 of them in intensive care, 32 patients are connected to ventilators. For the past 95hrs, 69 patients have been hospitalized (557 have been discharged). The largest number of patients in the Clinical Hospital of Shvymdky Medical Care - 8 and 262th City Clinical Hospital - XNUMX.

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