In Lviv, a man found an artillery shell and brought it to the police station


He found ammunition in the woods

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Today, April 9, at 09:20 am, a resident brought to the building of the police department № 2 of the Lviv District Department of the National Police in the Lviv region, on Chervona Kalyna Avenue, 66, 100 mm artillery shell from World War II, which he found in the woods. This was reported in the Department of Emergencies and Civil Protection of the LMR, transmits press service of the Lviv city council.

The scene was fenced off and guarded. An application was submitted to the head of the 2nd Special Rapid Response Center of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine (Drohobych) for the seizure and disposal of the detected explosive.

In the case of detection of ammunition or items that look like ammunition, you must:

  • immediately stop all work in the area of ​​detection of explosives (GNP);
  •  if possible, warn people nearby about the suspicious object;
  • mark the location of the object, and if possible to fence it (for the fence you can use various handy materials: boards, poles, branches, ropes, pieces of fabric, etc.);
  • immediately notify the next services of the Ministry of Emergencies and the Ministry of Internal Affairs by numbers 101,102 (notifications should be made slowly, clearly, indicating the exact address (landmarks) of the location of the GNP);
  • do not smoke, do not use lighters, other sources of open flame and objects that may form it;
  • do not touch a suspicious object;
  • under no circumstances attempt to move the explosive device (suspicious object) or change its position;
  • to expect at a safe distance from the location of the GNP or an object similar to it, representatives of local authorities, the Ministry of Emergencies, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, while not allowing outsiders into the danger zone;
  • it is strictly forbidden to disassemble ammunition, throw them into the fire or carry or transport them yourself.

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