In Lviv, thanks to caring people, a drug "hostage" was detained (photo, video) News of Lviv and Ukraine

On Thursday, April 8, thanks to caring people and police officers, they managed to detain a man who was distributing drugs, so-called "bookmarks". This was reported in the community of public activists who fight against drug trafficking "DrugHuntersLviv”In the Telegram.

At about 13 p.m., patrol officers received a call via line 00 about a young man who had buried something in a flower bed near the house and taken a photo a minute later. The incident took place on Lyubinska Street.
The call immediately came to the tablet of the crew who was nearby.

The patrol crew that arrived at the scene immediately met the applicant, who provided a clear description of the person and the direction of his further movement.

Orienteering was handed over to all patrols of Zaliznychny district and the search for an unknown young man began.
A few houses later, the commanding crew of cows found a young man similar in description.
The latter was stopped and it was stated that he falls under the description of a man who may be involved in the distribution of drugs by the "bookmark" method.

The young man was confused and immediately frightened and told the police that he had "treasures" containing the substance "amphetamine" and was decomposing them in the area.

Investigators and an expert arrived at the scene, in the presence of two witnesses the young man was seized: - 16 rolls in the insulating tape of the substance "amphetamine".

And four more, which he has already managed to hide in various places near residential buildings.

Molodyk is threatened with criminal liability under Article 307 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

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