Ukrainka became the absolute European champion in weightlifting

Ukrainian Iryna Dekha won the European Weightlifting Championships

Ukrainian weightlifter Iryna Dekha won three gold medals in the weight category up to 76 kg at the 2021 European Championships in Moscow.

On the fifth day of the championship in the sum of the duel Deha lifted 248 kg (113 kg - in a jerk and 135 kg - in a push); the second and third results were shown by Russians Irina Sotieva - 246 kg (112 + 134) and Anastasia Romanova - 243 kg (111 + 132), respectively.

Moreover, in the push (the second discipline in order) Deha made a mistake in one of the attempts, giving the initiative into the hands of the Russians. Soteeva weighed 137 kg, but the judges did not count her due to a foul. The Russians protested, but to no avail.

Thus, Iryna Dekha from Kharkiv was able to win gold for Ukraine in the amount of the duel (jerk and push), as well as in each of the disciplines separately. That is, she earned one gold in the medal standings of the tournament, but in the "small standings" - three at once.

We will remind that earlier as a part of the national team of Ukraine three gold awards at the same championship wonKamila Konotop (up to 55 kg), and Dmytro Voronovsky (55 kg) became the bronze prize-winner.

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