WACS remanded in custody Judge Vovk's brother on bail of over UAH 35 million

On April 8, the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court remanded the brother of Pavlo Vovk, the head of the Kyiv District Administrative Court, Yuri Zontov, until June 4.

The amount of collateral is 35 million 185 thousand UAH. Prosecutors insisted on twice the amount of bail - 70 million UAH.

Zontov's lawyers assured him that he would not hide from the investigation, pointing out that he had "strong social ties" and that all his property and family were in Ukraine.

The prosecutor of the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office claimed that lawyer Yuriy Donets, in collusion with Zontov, incited the liquidator of the insurance company AKS Capital, Serhiy Kovalenko, to bribe a judge of the OASK.

For this money, they allegedly promised to resolve the issue with this judge on the satisfaction of the claim of "AKS Capital" to the tax Kyiv to cancel the tax notice.

During searches in Donets they found 20 thousand dollars, the numbers of which coincide with the bribe. The remaining $ 80 was found in the office of the OASK chairman's brother. The numbers of the bills also coincide with the bribe. Some of them were imitation.

On April 6, NABU announced that it had exposed the brother of the head of the Kyiv District Administrative Court, Pavel Vovk, Yuri Zontov, for receiving a $ 100 bribe. The money was allegedly to be given to Vovk himself.

Two lawyers, according to the investigation, promised for 100 thousand dollars to agree with one of the judges of the UASK on a positive decision in the case. Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova signed the suspicions against two lawyers.

In addition, Yuriy Zontov was fired from his job in the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine. Instead, Pavlo Vovk stated that neither he nor the UASK "had anything to do with the provocations."

According to him, the brother's name is "used as" expenditure "for personal accounts."

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