Zelensky signed a law on an all-Ukrainian referendum

On Thursday, April 8, President Volodymyr Zelensky signed a law on democracy through an all-Ukrainian referendum. About this the press service of the President's Office.

The adoption of this law was one of Zelensky's campaign promises. He promised that his first bill would be the law on "democracy". But such a bill reached the parliament a year after the election of Zelensky, and approved his six months later - in late January 2021.

«Now, in practice, Ukrainians will be involved in making important decisions for the country, and the government will be forced to listen to the will of the people.", - it is said in the message.

According to the law, the subject of an all-Ukrainian referendum may be the following issues:

  • approval of the law on amendments to sections I, III, XIII of the Constitution of Ukraine;
  • of national importance, on the change of the territory of Ukraine;
  • on the expiration of the law of Ukraine or some of its provisions.

At the same time, the following issues cannot be put to a referendum:

  • that abolish or restrict the constitutional rights and freedoms of man and citizen and guarantees their implementation;
  • aimed at eliminating the independence of Ukraine, violation of state sovereignty, territorial integrity of Ukraine, creating a threat to the national security of Ukraine, inciting interethnic, racial, religious hatred;
  • contrary to the provisions of the Constitution, universally recognized principles and norms of international law, enshrined primarily in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, and its protocols;
  • on issues of taxes, budget, amnesty;
  • included by the Constitution of Ukraine and the laws of Ukraine in the jurisdiction of law enforcement agencies, prosecutors or courts.

Only one issue can be put to an all-Ukrainian referendum. The results of the people's will at the all-Ukrainian referendum are obligatory for consideration and adoption of a decision in accordance with the procedure established by the Constitution and laws of Ukraine.

All-Ukrainian referendum is scheduled for:

  • the President on the approval of amendments to sections I, III, XIII "Amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine";
  • The Verkhovna Rada on the change of the territory of Ukraine;
  • on the people's initiative is proclaimed by presidential decree (at the request of at least 3 million citizens of Ukraine who have the right to vote, provided that signatures on the appointment of an all-Ukrainian referendum are collected in at least two thirds of administrative-territorial units specified in Article 133 of the Constitution Ukraine, and not less than one hundred thousand signatures in each of them).

Citizens of Ukraine who have reached the age of 18 on the day of voting and who have not been declared incapable have the right to vote in an all-Ukrainian referendum.

According to the rules, a referendum is similar to an election: citizens submit a ballot paper or through electronic voting.

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