Pushed into a car and taken away: a resident of the Odessa region was abducted because of a debt of several thousand euros (video)

Taken from https://usionline.com/2020/04/02/zatolkali-v-mashinu-i-uvezli-zhitelya-odesskoj-oblasti-pohitili-iz-za-dolga-v-neskolko-tysyach-dollarov-video/


This was reported in the press service of the Odessa region police, the correspondent reports Ukrainian Information Service.

Five previously convicted men, two of whom call themselves "criminal authorities", demanded 23 thousand euros from a 4,5-year-old resident of Podolsk, threatening to shoot or kill him.

The bandits lured the man out of Podolsk, where they demanded money, which he once allegedly borrowed from an acquaintance. To avoid the massacre, the young man called his father and asked for money. He did not have the necessary amount, and then the attackers forcibly put the guy in the car and left with him in the direction of Podolsk.

A local resident witnessed the incident and immediately called the police.

Police stopped the car at the entrance to Podolsk and took the participants to the district department.

It was found that all five were previously convicted men between the ages of 29 and 50. Two of them are locals who call themselves "criminal authorities". Three more are residents of the southern districts of Odessa region, - told in police.

Three members of the group were informed about the suspicion under Part 2 of Article. 189 (extortion) of the Criminal code of Ukraine. The actions and involvement of two other men will be considered during the investigation.

The suspects face from 3 to 7 years in prison.

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