Odessans are urged not to provoke fires in ecosystems

The main causes of fires in natural ecosystems are considered to be careless handling of fire by people. In this regard, rescuers call on residents of Odessa to observe the basic rules of fire safety:

- it is forbidden to burn dry grass and garbage on homestead plots;

- it is forbidden to light an open fire near outbuildings;

- it is forbidden to leave cigarette butts and matches on dry grassy litter;

- It is forbidden to build fires and leave them in forest and park areas.

Burning deadwood can have serious consequences, such as the destruction of the fertile soil layer, the death of animals and the uncontrolled spread of fire.

Source https://volnorez.com.ua/novosti/odessitov-prizyvayut-ne-provocirovat-pozhary-v-ekosistemax.html

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