Odessans can help patrolmen

Taken from http://volnorez.com.ua/novosti/odessity-mogut-pomoch-patrulnym.html

Patrol policemen appealed to the residents of Odessa. We can help them by completing a list of simple tasks.

Police risk their health every day for the safety of citizens. They cannot be quarantined, as crime rates have not decreased during quarantine and violators continue to be active.

Law enforcement officers ask:

- Do not exceed the speed. There are no traffic complications, so you can easily get to your destination.

- Proper parking - plenty of space.

- Keep your distance, because there are not enough cars, so it's spacious.

- Do not violate the traffic rules, because now the roads are really free and it's easy to do.

- Do not commit criminal offenses;

- Do not arrange family quarrels.

- Respect each other!

Go in masks, and it is better to sit at home in general! Quarantine is not a vacation, but an opportunity to prevent the spread of a dangerous virus!


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